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It’s my Birthday!

Yep, Time seems to move too fast! I feel old.

At 0:02am a while back... the mixedmatt was born!

I'll let my readers figure out my age. Comment just below. If nobody does then I won't spill. Please don't make me look like a loner! Ha :)

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FutureLearn – Simply amazing!!

The Futurelearn week schedule!

The Futurelearn week schedule!

It's all about FutureLearn.com! How many of you have heard of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)??

Simply put I'm finding them amazing. I've only done courses from Futurelearn at the moment. If you love learning about new things you will love MOOCs! I've signed up to so many interesting courses on Futurelearn. Not had time to complete them all yet. There are other MOOCs providers such as coursera.com, most courses are provided by US universities.

Futurelearn and their teaching methods!

Futurelearn and their teaching methods! :)

I'm a real geek and when I get free time (very rare these days) I like to drink a beer and expand my mind. It's incredible the depth to which topics are covered.

You can even claim a certificate (non-formal) once a certain percentage of the course is completed!

Khan Academy is another website I find extremely useful, mainly for university help at the moment (with Economics) but it also has many other interesting subjects under constant expansion. The way the instructor Salman Khan explains things is great, you don't actually see his face he uses an electronic blackboard to explain and draw diagrams.

I have a course that ran a month or two ago on Futurelearn called Developing Your Research Project from the University of Southampton. This will come in very handy for Economics for when I start my research project next year. I'm going to try and start that online course soon so I can be prepared. It's great for anyone who wants to expand their mind, prepare before they start their university degree, or just kill time! These courses don't have to be completed by the dates they run but it's best that way to interact with the other students. I have yet to do one according to schedule. I'm simply too busy!

Au revoir for now readers! :)


It’s almost Winter

London in Winter

London in Winter

Winter is just on the horizon and it's the time of the year I loathe. It get dark early, the temperatures drop, we gain an hour of sleep (next week Sunday not too bad!) and it's just horrible overall. That's not even mentioning Christmas :evil:

I've kind of stuck to a few pledges I made mid-year. It's been very difficult though.

As this year winds to a close, I think I should be relatively happy with this year. Although I didn't compete in a single go-karting race or championship (mainly due to time commitments). I've overall done a lot of work towards my degree and actually feel a lot closer to May 2016! The results of my politics exam are due to be released this or next week! Fingers crossed.

I'm fully in to DD309 my second Economics module, it's level 3 and means I have only one module left to complete my degree! Whoop.

I've become more confident in myself. I've seen a lot of lives come to and end, some quite unexpectedly and it really makes you reevaluate how you live your life. I really need to just live it. I've put in a lot more work to become a more confident person, to achieve the things I really want to achieve. Things are good and life really is what you make it :)

I have an upcoming assignment due in next month so I'll be busy with that. Catching up on the reading I'm behind with too. I'm behind and I don't know how that quite happened!!

I'm looking forward to 2015 now really and starting everyday confident of myself. Heres to hoping we don't have a Cold Winter ;)

Someone messaged asking who my server provider was and I didn't get back to them. My provider is VPS.net. I've been with them a little over a year now. Mixedmatt.co.uk runs on a server provided by them, the customer support has been amazing so far :)

That's it! Love you all. I will write back soon...


Brussels again, Alone :)

Traditional Romanian dancing outside the EU parliament

Traditional Romanian dancing outside the EU parliament

Yesterday, (Sept 30th) I went to Brussels again. I was a bit nervous the day before as I was going alone. My friend from the Netherlands pulled out because of flu.

It was my first time in Brussels alone and it was a success :D :D
I went and ate at my favourite restaurant Chez Leon. Took a trip to Porte de Hal/Hallepoort and went up The Halle Gate. Amazing place, so much history and the views were to die for! I walked around the top and could see the whole city. Only problem was my phone battery died. So I got no snaps of that :(

Went to the EU quarter again. There where lovely stalls selling Romanian goods. There was Romanian cheeses and foods on offer! Lot's of cheese on sticks.

Outside the parliament complex in the place, there where several placards about what action the EU should take on various topics from Agriculture to Syria (Bombardment of Kobane). All in all I managed to see a lot. Even though I hadn't planned on going alone.

I hope to return soon. More prepared to go it alone. Love ya readers :)

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It’s Summer! Exams over!

My last post here was back in April. Aren't I terrible? Since then I took an Economics exam and came out the other side. Against expectations passed the module (feel like I could have handled the exam better), went to Brussels (again) and now am deeply engaged in my Politics module. I'm fast approaching exam time for Politics. I have only one assignment left which to be done under exam conditions and handwritten. Ah, I hate exams!!

I took some pictures from Brussels (You can seem them below). I've put quite a few up this time. I also went to Bruges for the day. Loved the boat tour on the waterways! I'd love to live there once I complete my degree.

I've decided my blog will contain more entries in the way of Politics and Economics in the near future. So look out for new posts. I'll try to set aside time to post some of my thoughts and ramblings. How Mixedmatt sees things in nationally and internationally :)

Aside from this nothing else has really changed. I'm still single :(
Waiting for my level 3 Economics module to start and a bit excited.

I'll make sure my next post will not be too long now! :)

Waiting for the Metro at Hôtel des Monnaies/Munthof.

Waiting for the Metro at Hôtel des Monnaies/Munthof.

Fancy one? :)

Fancy one? :)

Sweet tooth!!

Sweet tooth!!

On the way to the grand place in Bruxelles again!

On the way to the grand place in Bruxelles again!

Mussels and Frites! Yum!

Mussels and Frites! Yum!

Frogs legs :)

Frogs legs :)



EU Parliament tour!

EU Parliament tour!

Reading material for a nerd like me!

Reading material!

Juplier :)

Juplier :)

Buildings in Bruges

Buildings in Bruges

Best way to see Bruges!

Best way to see Bruges!

You been warned! Ha!

You been warned! Ha!

Belgian Street Art :)

Belgian Street Art :)

Touching the Berlin Wall.

Touching the Berlin Wall.

At the European Commission.

At the European Commission.



Love being so busy!

Heavy reading? Aiming for 100% in everything :)

Heavy reading? Aiming for 100% in everything :)

As I said in my previous post, I think I'd be more then a little busy this year this has turned out to be true.

I've bought two economics books as I really want too boost my grades in Economics. Andrew Gillispies book seems to be more lighter and suitable to introduce newbies into Economics.

Doing two modules at once with the open university was always gonna be tough. Economics much tougher then politics but on the whole both very engaging, interesting and applicable to the real world.

Today at work I had what I thought was the beginning of a good conversation going with a customer. She asked me what I was studying I told her PPE and she then asked what career options am I thinking of. I told her EU or civil service. She told me to keep quiet it's a dirty word then told me how soldiers fought and died so dictators at the EU wouldn't make laws for us and how the EU is undemocratic. I didn't say this but was just thinking as she was mouthing off... The EU is an example of representative democracy. Like our nation is. It's not a direct democracy. It has stayed true to its founding principles as laid down by Sir Winston Churchill and Robert Schuman amongst others. It's by no means perfectly democratic but what institution is? We can act to improve it. She then started talking or should I say SHOUTING about Mr Farage and she wouldn't stop. Rambling on about him being a man of the British people. Looking out for British workers. Much how a certain German politician promised to before the Second World War I guess. She sounded like she was brainwashed unfortunately considering I wasn't answering her at this stage because she was so ill informed and seemed so ignorant to anybody else.

I couldn't believe all that reaction came from my career path to be honest. It's scary to think we have ignorant and the ill informed in the country who cannot even reason or disagree in a polite manner without raising their voices to be heard. If I had been a ex-soldier or if I said I wanted to join the army how would she have viewed me then? Presumably in a positive light despite the fact I may have ended the lives of people with a gun or maybe going on to. Really is this what has Britain come to? Hmmm. Something doesn't sit right :(

So as you can see politics comes up even without intention. Maybe more so because of my pathway. I'm finding I've learnt so much more though. When walking around shops or any public place my economics and politics knowledge seems to kick in! I read the economist and understand more and more week by week. It's all very exciting :)

My exams for economics are in June so a lot of prep ahead!

I went to Paris on March 25th. It's a beautiful city but not as beautiful as Brussels! It was a rainy day but still it was nice to be away from London for a change. I can't believe it being only a train ride away I never been. Take a look at the assortment of photos below.

It was lovely though, didn't want to return home. Day trips do feel really long though. I'm planning to go racing again and go gym after I finish DD209 - Running the Economy. Then I can focus just on DD203 - Power, dissent, equality: understanding contemporary politics. Once DD203 finishes in September 2014, I will be moving on to DD309 - Doing economics: people, markets and policy this looks to be interesting.

I probably won't post again till after the 6th June 2014. When I actually stop going full-time and go part-time with my studies again.

Till next time. See you :)


Full time student now & good result for TMA 2 DD209!


One of my TMA 2 hand drawn diagrams for DD209 - Running the Economy. Output and demand increase!

Happy new year readers! Hope you had a fattening Christmas and great new year. I've only got round to writing this now as I have been extremely busy :( .

First I feel I need to explain why my posts may be fewer this year. I am now a full time university student again with the open university and one module in particular. DD209 - Running the Economy is particularly taxing being so technical, it's consuming my time. I'm about to start DD203 - Power, dissent, equality: understanding contemporary politics this week!! My free time will be limited this year.

Anyway, so far so good with my Economics module. I made a reasonable start but really excelled in the recent TMA before Christmas. Achieving 80% which was a surprise to say the least. It was all about the situation facing the UK in spring 2013 economically. Quite interesting :P .

I need to crack on with DD209 - TMA 03 now which poses a even bigger challenge it seems. More diagram drawing. A collaboration exercise and an extract. The workload for this module doesn't feel like a level 2 it feels more level 3 to be honest. ICMA 42 (Online Assessment) is also due in on the same day as the TMA! I love DD209 but it's so time consuming. What I have seen of DD203 so far looks the opposite.

My DSA equipment request made by my assessor was approved and I received a printer/scanner, Dictaphone, Claroread plus, and a book stand amongst other things all without charge!! Very happy.

2014-01-15 13.12.05My DSA goodies :)

I want to get out and go gym and run. I want to be fit for when the go-karting season comes round but I have such little time it's irritating me to the max. I need to try and eat healthy!

On another note, just guess how long this blog has been running??? Seven years this February!! Amazing. I never intended to start this and have it up and running forever! Till next time peace and if I'm not back before Valentines day. Enjoy the day haha :P


Assignments complete! Mixedmatt is back online.

Chocolate Birthday Cake

It was my Birthday on 7th December!

All my assignments for DD209 - Running the Economy are now complete and I'm back. I neglected the blog because I simply had too much to do. To think this run up to Christmas I was only studying part-time. After Christmas I will begin preparations to start DD203! My politics module meaning I will be running two side by side. I can't guarantee I'll be posting much at all :(

Anyway to other news before I return to this. On Saturday 7th December I turned 25!! Yup, I'm officially old. Please gimme some cake and congrats below :)
I don't feel old. I'm hoping to give myself a birthday pressie next month before I start DD203. Maybe go to Paris. I love a Eurostar journey.

I'm looking forward to next year. I am to take go-karting more serious (if I have the time), that means getting fitter physically and mentally.

Back to university. I've enjoyed the first run of this new module few gripes here and there. Apart from that I've enjoyed it. I've found out a lot about fiscal and monetary policy. How the different policy options such as government spending, reduction in tax rates, increases in interest rates, and quantitative easing work. I understand how the 2008 financial crisis began and why certain people didn't see it coming. So, Don't let the government tell you the last government left them with a huge deficit!! There was a global crisis. I understand unemployment and GDP a lot more. I also understand what Keynes was in favour for in terms of Economic policy for the UK. I can understand more articles in the economist and much more! So, I'm very happy.

Have a Merry Crimbo.

Till next time :)


Season over.. No more racinggg! :(

Sorry I been slow to post here. I've got up to speed with my new university module and got my books sent! The focus of this post will be about my final lotus cup championship race at rye house on September 28th.

I'm Kart 12! Story of my season!

I'm Kart 12! Impossible to pass there!

So, Round 6 ended with my best performance of the season.

I started 16th and finished 12th. I was determined to have a good race and come through. I pulled off some really good overtaking moves and enjoyed battling with a few other drivers!
I managed to pick up a caution for banging into someone (not intentional!) but it was eventful.

By race end I had caught 11th and 10th place drivers. It's a shame we ran out of time as I felt I had the pace to attack and pass them. Nevermind, it was just a great 55 laps on the edge... soo amazing. I have a few pictures I am intending on purchasing from the photographer. I will leave you with a few samples for now..

Click here for the race results.

I intend on racing in the Lotus cup next season. Lot's of preparation time ahead. I hope to be fitter for next season too. Looking forward to it! Take care..

Concentrating intensely! Story of my season!

Concentrating intensely!

Into the corner we go.. Story of my season!

Into the corner we go..

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University panic and decorating to do!

Bye bye damaged graphics card!

Bye bye damaged graphics card!

University panic and house decorating leaves mixedmatt flustered.

This week I had a huge panic. Created by a email received from the open university. Panic over now. Although I'm still praying the student loan company pay me for the second of the two modules ill be doing. Otherwise I'll have to think of fundraising :)

The decorators are in the house, doing the hall. Getting in the way! I'd just started sanding my room down. I will put it on pause until they've gone. The amount of dust in the house is horrible.

Unfortunately my graphics card also failed on Sunday. So, I'm writing from my iPad. I purchased my super duper pc from pc specialist last year in January. So haven't had my build long. Lucky I still got manufacturer warranty on my GeForce GTX 570. I hate writing on my iPad so much. Difficult what?!

Well, my graphics card has been sent off now and I received an email today literally the day after sending it! Saying a replacement has been sent! Well done PC Specialist!!

My module materials for DD209 Running the Economy have been sent. They should arrive along with my graphics card tomorrow morning. Excited :D

Of course I'll take some snaps of the module materials!

Also next weekend is the final round of the Lotus cup go-karting championship that I am competing in. Can't wait just want the last race to end on high.

Have a good weekend readers.